Yue stoneware water pot with loop handles

Yue stoneware water pot with loop handles

China, Western Jin dynasty, 265 – 316

Diameter: 4 1/8 inches, 10.5 cm

Height: 2 inches, 5 cm

A stoneware water pot of squat globular form, supported on a short, splayedfoot. The sides taper towards the recessed double rim, and four loop handles are attached to the shoulder. The body is impressed with a net in the form of square diapers. Both the interior and the exterior of the pot are entirely covered in a translucent greyish green glaze, which pools to a slightly darker tint in the recesses, leaving only the slightly concave base unglazed and revealing the orange stoneware body. The base has clusters of kiln grit adhering.


Yue wares, a term that covers most early celadon wares, developed slowly over a period of about one thousand years, from the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) to the early Song dynasty. The central yue kiln sites are in the Shanglinhu region in Zhejiang province. [1] Three closely comparable yue stoneware water pots with covers, similarly applied with four looped handles on the shoulder and comparable in shape, diaper-pattern design and colour of the glaze, are dated to the Western Jin dynasty. They are respectively in the collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing, [2] the Yuyao Museum, Zhejiang province, [3] and the Zhejiang Provincial Museum. [4] Another closely comparable four-handled yue water pot of similar size, shape, design and with a light-green glaze, dated to the Jin dynasty, is in the Sir Herbert Ingram collection at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford (fig. 1). [5]

Provenance: private collection, Singapore

A rectangular paper label reading “VIC/715 £33…” is attached to the base.

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Fig. 1 Yue stoneware water pot with loop handles, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Fig. 1 Yue stoneware water pot with loop handles, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford