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Ben Janssens Oriental Art was established in London in 1996 and deals in antique Chinese and Japanese works of art.

GalleryOur main specialisation is Chinese Art, which falls into two broad categories. The first category consists of early pottery, bronzes and sculpture, ranging in date from the Neolithic period (circa 3000 BC) to the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). It includes Han and Tang dynasty pottery tomb sculpture, Shang and Zhou period bronze ritual vessels, archaic jade, Buddhist sculpture, and porcelain and stoneware from the Song period.

The second category of Chinese art in which we specialise concerns later works of art in a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal, jade, ivory, lacquer, enamel and glass. The majority of these objects date from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

More recently, Ben Janssens Oriental Art has also started dealing in Japanese works of art. We stock mainly pieces made for the Japanese domestic market, including sculpture, lacquer, metal and porcelain.

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