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Ben Janssens Oriental Art regularly publish catalogues featuring highlights of their stock, as well as specialist subjects, which have included 'Jades and Hardstones from the collection of Major H F Stanley' and 'Ancient Bronzes from China, Ordos and the Steppes'.

Latest Catalogue Art of the Chinese Craftsman Latest Catalogue Chinese Boxes
Chinese Boxes
Winter 2013
Tefaf 2013
Tefaf Maastricht
Spring 2013
Winter 2012
Chinese Boxes
Winter 2012
TEFAF Catalogue 2012
Tefaf Maastricht Spring 2012
The Scholars Desk
The Scholars Desk
TEFAF Catalogue 2011
TEFAF Maastricht Spring 2011
Chinese Lacquer 2010
Chinese Lacquer
Winter 2010
TEFAF Catalogue 2010
TEFAF Maastricht Spring 2010
Chinese Lacquer
Chinese Lacquer
Winter 2009
Tefaf Maastricht 2009
TEFAF Maastricht
Spring 2009
Chinese Lacquer 2008 catalogue
Chinese Lacquer
Winter 2008
TEFAF, Maastricht 2008
TEFAF, Maastricht
Spring 2008
Jades and Hardstones from the collection of Major H F Stanley
Jades and Hardstones
from the collection of Major H. F. Stanley
Ancient Bronzes
Ancient Bronzes from China, Ordos and the Steppes
Chinese Spoons
Chinese Spoons

Latest Catalogue

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