Jade boy and goose group

Length: 3 inches, 8 cm
Height: 2 1/2 inches, 6.4 cm

Jade boy and goose group

China, Qianlong period, 18th century

A jade group of a boy holding a strand of vegetation in both hands. He has climbed on the back of a large, recumbent goose, who holds one end of the strand in his beak. The bird’s wings are finely incised with a feather pattern. The bird’s feet are well defined and tucked underneath its body. The stone is of even, greenish celadon colour.

According to Therese Bartholomew, there is no specific significance to the theme of a boy and a goose, but the goose is symbolic for wedded bliss.[1] The bird is also a harbinger of good news.

Provenance: Private Collection, UK Christie’s, May 2012

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