Bronze vase of tear-drop shape

Japan, Showa period, 1926 – 1989

Height: 23 3/4 inches, 60.5 cm
Width: 8 5/8 inches, 22 cm

A tall bronze vase of tear drop shape and with a flat base. The centre is left open. The exterior is completely undecorated and covered in a black patina. The base is signed with the signature of the artist. The vase is preserved in its original tomobako or wooden box. The top is inscribed “Chudo nashiji, kokuyo kabin” [Cast bronze vase, black glistening colour flower vessel] and the back Sunryu saku, with seal Sunryu saku.

The artist of this elegant vase is Komori Sunryu (1901-1983). He worked in Otsu City, near Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture and is a holder of traditional crafts skills.