Height: 9 1/16 inches, 23 cm
Width: 8 1/2 inches, 21.5 cm

Huanghuali scroll pot

China, 17/18th century

A massive huanghuali scroll pot, the sides roughly cylindrical but slightly wasted, rising up from a rounded base ring with slightly recessed base section that has a central roundel.  The material is nicely figured and several characteristic “faces” can be seen in the grain.

This magnificent holder is too large for brushes, so it was most probably made to store rolled-up scroll paintings. Rebecca Rice Jones and Angus Forsyth describe a very similar pot from the Piccus collection, included in an exhibition at the Altfield Gallery in Hong Kong in 1984, as a “brush pot or scroll holder”[1]

1    Rice Jones, R and Forsyth, A.: Wood from the Scholar’s Table, Chinese Hardwood Carvings and Scholar’s Articles, Altfield Gallery, Hong Kong 1984, plate 29, pp. 62-3.