Bronze moon­-shape ikebana hanging basket

Japan, Showa period, c. 1930

Height including suspension loop: 21 1⁄2 inches, 54.5 cm
Width: 19 inches, 48 cm

 large bronze moon­-shaped ikebana hanging basket, the facetted sides with a deeply rounded bottom section and a more thinly cast top section. The basket is suspended from a ring, which is attached to the sides with a facetted cube. The exterior has a dark brown patina and the interior has some areas of bright green oxidisation. The basket is hung from a later hand­-crafted metal chain, composed of fine links and a hook.


The pure and elegant moon shape of this bronze basket is referred to in Japan as tsuki. The shape is particularly associated with the so­-called Ikenobo school of ikebana, the oldest school of Japanese flower arrangement, founded in the 15th century by the Buddhist monk Ikenobo Senno, who placed flowers on the altar of the Rokkaku­-do temple in Kyoto, where he was based. Until today, the art of flower arranging, ikebana, is held in high regard in Japan and elsewhere, aiming to provide an atmosphere in one’s home that is conducive to the quiet and tranquil contemplation of nature.