Height: 3 inches, 7.5 cm
Width: 5 inches, 13 cm

Porcelain tea bowl with white glaze, chawan

Japan, Gyokuho kiln, contemporary

A sturdy pottery bowl with incurved rim by Tetsuaki Nakao, the exterior and interior covered in one of his trademark glazes, this one of white tone. The foot rim and lowest part of the body are unglazed and incised with the signature of the maker. The bowl is contained within a wooden storage box, tomobako, which has an inscription on the outside reading Ginga-yu, chawan, Tetsuaki (Tea bowl, “the galaxy glaze”,Tetsuaki) and the seal Tetsuaki.


Nakao Tetsuaki was born in 1952 in Saga prefecture and is the son of a potter. He received many international awards for his work and in his career developed his famous “galaxy glaze”. He has stated that “Thousands of years ago, people in the orient believed that the stars in the sky held our fate and future. After ten years of tireless study I discovered a technique to convey the beauty of the cosmos through pottery. I call it “The Galaxy Glaze”. Due to the sensitivity and complexity of the glaze each piece displays a unique array of colours and patterns, each as magnificent as a jewel.