View In Scholar’s Taste catalogue

We are delighted to offer for sale an interesting group of Chinese works of art, each of which can be qualified as ‘in scholar’s taste’.

The exhibition includes several examples of miniature furniture, often made with the same superb craftsmanship as their full-size counterparts, some excellent examples of Ming and Qing lacquer, such as a tiny brown tixi pattern box and a larger red lacquer box carved with lychees that may have once been used in the Qing Court, wood brush pots, stands and incense burners, ceramics and enamels, and metal objects including a charming elephant incense burner and a fine iron painting, tiehua, dated to 1964 and inscribed with a poem written by Chairman Mao Zedong.

Once again, the unparalleled Asian Art in London event provides us with a platform to hold this exhibition and to offer for sale the pieces illustrated in this catalogue.