Length: 6 1/4 inches, 16 cm
Width: 5 inches, 12.7 cm


Bone and lacquer panel

China, 18th Century

A small rectangular panel, decorated with a carved prunus tree issuing from a rocky base with grasses.  From the branches of the prunus tree grow blooms and buds.  The background is lacquered a uniform dark brown colour.  The back of the panel is lacquered in gold with scattered floral sprays.  The panel is contained within a plain hardwood frame.

This wonderful decorative panel most probably formed originally part of a scholar’s table screen, designed to stop papers from blowing away and also to stop eyes from prying when executing the very arduous scholar’s exam.


此屏呈长方形,其以深褐色大漆为地,漆面平整,上嵌雕工精湛的岩石、梅桩以及梅花骨饰片;背面则于漆面上绘以兰花、竹叶以及菊花,与正面的梅花交相呼应,取 “四君子” 之意。边框采用上好的花梨木,木质细腻,木纹清晰自然。