Height: 12 inches, 30.5 cm
Diameter: 5. inches, 14 cm


Dehua porcelain “sleeve” vase

China, Kangxi period, mid-17th century

A porcelain vase of “sleeve” form, supported on a recessed base, the straight sides swelling outwards towards the shoulder and surmounted by a short, everted neck with lipped rim.  The sides are applied with two well-defined taotie masks.  The body is lightly engraved under the glaze with lengths of flowers and leaves.  The vase is entirely covered in a brilliant ivory-white glaze, leaving just the interior and foot rim unglazed.

This vase was made in Fujian province, in the famous Dehua kilns that produced finely modelled white-glazed porcelain, generally referred to in the West as “Blanc-de-Chine”. The shape is often referred to as “sleeve vase” because of its resemblance to the garment.

Eileen Lesoëf, France
Ben Janssens Oriental Art, June 1999
Private Collection, UK



来源:法国Eileen Lesoëf旧藏: 英国Ben Janssens东方艺廊1999 年6 月售出