Diameter: 7 3/4 inches, 20 cm
Height: 1 1/2 inches, 3 cm


Blue and white porcelain plate with Xi xaingu ji

China, Kangxi period, 1662 – 1722

A circular porcelain plate with upturned rim, supported on a short foot.  The interior is painted in underglaze blue with two figures, a male standing in front of a pavilion in a wooded landscape with a large rock and a female turning her head around to look at him.  The rim is decorated with four sprays of peaches, reserved in cartouches on a ground of lozenge shaped diapers.  The reverse rim is decorated with landscape scenes.  The base in painted with the six-character mark of Chenghua.

Chenghua reign marks (the emperor reigned from 1464 to 1487) appear quite frequently on Kangxi period porcelain.  They are said to be a tribute to the earlier emperor.