Height: 7 inches, 17.8 cm, with frame: 13 inches, 33 cm
Width: 5 inches, 12.7 cm, with frame: 10 1/2 inches, 27 cm

Porcelain plaque with river landscape

People’s Republic of China, dated 1979

A small porcelain plaque of rectangular format, showing a river landscape in delicate famille verte enamels on a white ground. The plaque shows a sampan with a figure punting in front of a massive rock formation on the right with a waterfall.  On top of a rocky promontory is a single figure, overlooking the estuary, with a pine tree in front of him.  In the background a pavilion can be seen among pointed mountains and there is more shipping. The top right has an inscription, which reads: feng guang wu xian hao, qing shan fen wai jiao (the scenery is infinitely splendid, the mountains are particularly charming). Five smaller characters at the end of the poem, read ji wei nian zhong dong (winter time of Jiwei year).