Porcelain box by Mitsuyuki Kawase

Japan, late Showa period, 1926 – 1989

Height: 4 3/4 inches, 12 cm

Width: 5 3/4 inches, 14.5 cm

A square porcelain box, the sides slightly bowed and completely unadorned. The box is covered overall by a white glaze with a slightly bluish tinge. The unglazed base is incised with the signature of the artist. The box is preserved in its original tomobako or wooden box.

The ceramic artist Mitsuyuki Kawase was born in 1933 into a dynasty of potters. He is the uncle of the famous celadon potter Shinobu Kawase and the father of the potter Takeaki Kawase, who was born in 1958. His father, Takeharu Kawase, was also a potter. A striped water vessel (mizuzashi) by this artist is in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.[1]

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