It has been a very strange 18 months since last TEFAF – Maastricht, which ended prematurely in March 2020. In the meantime we have all got used to looking at websites and browsing online. But nothing beats the “real-life” experience of looking at things and we keep our fingers crossed that TEFAF – Maastricht, planned for March 2022, will happen. I hope you will enjoy the selection of Chinese and Japanese works of art brought together in the catalogue before you.

As usual, all works of art are for sale at the moment of receipt of the catalogue. I am of course at your disposal, should I be able to shed a bit more light on individual pieces. Like the last catalogue, I am mindful of the fact that many people will not have the opportunity to travel and see with their own eyes works of art in “the flesh” before they decide to buy. We will therefore be happy to send you individual pieces on a “buy or return” basis. It is completely understood that, in many cases, a work of art needs to be seen by a prospective buyer before acquisition. Therefore, if you are seriously interested in one of the works of art on offer, please do get in touch with us and we will be happy to take care of shipping arrangements .

All works of art in this catalogue will be on view at our premises in Pimlico: 6 Guildhouse Street, London SW1V 1JE.

I am again most grateful to Peter Keenan for his wonderful design of this catalogue, to Richard Valencia for his excellent photography, to Richard Harris for the colour separation and correction and to Daniel Stevens for the conservation and restoration of objects. I am, as always, very thankful that Susie Macmillan so ably assists me in the office.

We hope you will enjoy this catalogue and its contents.

Ben Janssens
London, 2021