Diameter: 4 3/4 inches, 11.4 cm

Blue and white porcelain erotic saucer

China, Kangxi period, 1662 – 1722

A small porcelain saucer with scalloped rim, supported on a short foot.  The interior is painted in underglaze blue with a man lying on his back, wearing only a loincloth, fondling the breast of a woman who stands over him.  The man lies on a woven mat in a landscape setting, underneath a weeping willow.  The well is moulded and painted with panels, whereas the upturned rim is decorated with a leiwen pattern.  The reverse rim and well are both decorated with floral sprays.

It is rare to find erotic scenes on Kangxi period porcelain and it is possible that this decoration was influenced by European porcelain.