Height: 6 1/2 inches, 16.5 cm
Width: 3 inches, 7.6 cm


Bronze statue of Liu hai and his toad

China, 19th century

A statue of the immortal Liu hai standing with his right foot on his constant companion, a three-legged toad. The smiling deity is dressed in a long-sleeved jacket over trousers. The robe leaves his chest exposed.  He holds aloft his string of cash in both hands. The bronze is covered in an attractive dark brown patina.

Liuhai was originally a civil servant and an alchemist during the latter part of the Tang dynasty, but he became a Daoist Immortal and is generally considered the God of Wealth; he invariably holds a string of Chinese coins.[1] He is always seen with his attribute, a three-legged toad, itself a symbol of prosperity.

the collection of Paul Bromberg, Thailand and Hong Kong.

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