Heights: 8 inches, 20.2 cm
Widths: 10 inches, 25.3 cm

Cloisonné enamel vase

Japan, Meiji period, 1868 - 1912

A cloisonné enamel vase of compressed globular shape, the sides rising from a low foot with concave base, and tapering in at its widest point to form a small neck. The exterior is decorated with a row of corn stalks in gold tones on a ground of irregular shapes in pink and cream colours. The whole is reserved on a dark red ground. The base bears the mark of Ando Jubei. The top and bottom rims are silvered.


This wonderful cloisonné enamel vase bears the mark of Ando Jubei, a very successful and prolific Meiji period cloisonné artist from Nagoya, who dominated the local enamelling industry and lived from 1876–1956. He took part in the Japan-Britain exhibition of 1910 where he exhibited examples of his work.