Height: 5 inches, 12.5 cm
Length: 16 inches, 40.5 cm
Width: 13 1/2 inches, 34 cm

Huanghuali rectangular stand

China, 17/18th Century

A huanghuali rectangular stand, the top of standard mitre, mortise and tenon construction with a single board tongue-and-grooved, floating panel supported by a dovetailed transverse stretcher underneath. The edge of the upper frame consists of four rectangular elements joined together and with a ridged edge. The four straight legs are cut to house shaped spandrelled aprons and are joined by a straight stretcher, on which the stand rests.


This table stand is of an unusual design: not many stands are shaped like a small stool with short legs. A zitan stand from the collection of Mr D.R. Halperin, shaped like a miniature table, was included in an exhibition at the Altfield Gallery in Hong Kong in 1984.[1]

Grace Wu Bruce, Hong Kong

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