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Illustrated here is a selection of some of the more unusual objects we have sold recently. They are representative of our stock and will give you an idea of the type of works of art we deal in.
0309-010_Jade ceremonial sceptre - yazhang 0309-120_Cloisonne enamel dish 0309-138_Porcelain Bowl 0309-160_Celadon vase by Suzuki Osamu 0309-012_Jade disc bi 0309-016_Jade ring - huan 0309-026_Bronze vessel situla 0309-106_Ivory Hu tablet 0309-118_Soapstone figure of an official 0309-132_Soapstone seated figure 0309-164_Copper vase by Kawashima Toshu 0309-170_Bronze okimono of a hare by  Yoshida Saburo 0308_022 Pottery beaker with openwork base Jade disc (bi) Bronze ceremonial wine vessel (Zun)  Jade disc (bi) with ‘rice-grain’ pattern Group of seven rock crystal animal carvings Bronze openwork incense burner Jade ring (huan) with ‘rice-grain’ pattern Bronze belt buckle Pottery box with painted designs Jade facetted ring (huan) Pottery model of a wellhead Pottery tripod wine container (zun) Jade tripod cup (zun) Jade sword scabbard slide Pottery model of an armoured horse Pottery marbled bowl Bronze mirror of linghua type Pottery marbled dish and stem cup  Bronze stemmed bowl Bronze miniature double comb Bronze water pot with swing handle Pottery figure of a kneeling courtier Xing porcelain foliate dish White stoneware bowl of ding type Yaozhou persimmon stoneware bowl  Qingbai porcelain box Yue stoneware box in the form of a melon Jizhou stoneware tea bowl with tortoiseshell glaze  Qingbai porcelain cosmetic box Yaozhou stoneware deep bowl with impressed decoration Qingbai porcelain jar Yaozhou stoneware bowl with impressed decoration Qingbai porcelain box in the form of a pumpkin Two miniature qingbai porcelain vases Lacquer tray carved in tixi technique Cloisonné enamel box Lacquer dish carved in tixi technique Porcelain Ko-sometsuke square dish Ochre and caramel carved lacquer box Bronze vase with dragon handles Hardwood brushpot Pair of cloisonné enamel pigeons Carved lacquer box Two iron ‘paintings’ Ivory carving of a reclining lady Porcelain dish with deer Gilt-lacquered wood figure of the Buddha Pair of bronze weights A limestone fragmentary stele Pottery figure of a groom in foreign dress Limestone reliquary casket Cloisonne enamel brush pot Documented stone figure of Buddha White marble hare © BJOA 2005 Wooden figure of a Lohan © BJOA 2005 Archaic bronze ritual beaker (Gu) © BJOA 2005 Limestone torso of a Bodhisattva © BJOA 2005 Lacquer dish © BJOA 2005 Cloisonné enamel meiping © BJOA 2005 Group of silver filigree objects 016 028 08 002 026 006 Bronze ritual pouring vessel (he) Cloisonné enamel incense burner

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