Heights: 8 1/2 – 10 inches, 21.6 – 25.4 cm
Widths: 3 1/2 – 5 inches, 9 – 12.6 cm

A group of five cloisonné enamel vases

Japan, Meiji to Showa period, 1868 – 1989

A group of five cloisonné enamel vases, one covered in turquoise enamel with a white band of hexagonal diapers around the rim and the mark of Ando Jubei, one has strands of balloon-shaped fruits in colour on a white ground, one is beaker shaped and has straight lines of mother-of-pearl on a bright green ground, the base inlaid with a “J” mark, one vase has an abstract pattern in colours on a white ground and the fifth vase has a plain bright yellow exterior and a yellow and white striped neck; the base bares an Ando Jubei mark.


Two vases bear the mark of Ando Jubei, a very successful and prolific Meiji period cloisonné artist from Nagoya, who dominated the local enamelling industry and lived from 1876–1956. He took part in the Japan-Britain exhibition of 1910 where he exhibited examples of his work.